Welcome to Applied Economics Research Centre! Centre is included in the TOP-10 ranking RAEX Kazakhstan's largest consulting companies. We provide strategic and economic research, rationing of resources, improvement of business processes, business valuation, actuarial research.
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AERC provides Financial consulting services including:

- Budgeting and Management Accounting
- Analysis the production performance and financial efficiency
- Valuation the assets and businesses
- Design the business plans, financial feasibility studies, feasibility studies etc.

AERC provides cost norms consulting services including:

Design the time norms
Design the employees number norms
Design the output per worker norms
Design the service per employee norms
Design the all types of production costs norms
Design the all types of non-production costs norms
Resource valuation

AERC provides labor compensation consulting services including:

Design the labor compensation system for production staff
Design the estimated pricing and salaries calculation
Design the labor compensation system for administrative personnel
Design the labor compensation system for natural monopolies and dominants
Design the motivation and stimulation system
Design the KPIs for all management levels
Design the qualification handbook of specialties and positions
Labor compensation

AERC provides business process improvement consulting services including:

Design the business process maps and business process cost
Development and introduction the separate accounting for goods, services, works
Design the process approach for management (ABC, ABB, ABM)
Improving business processes

AERC provides actuarial services including:

Advice and guidance on the methods and sources for insurance reserves formation
Issues related to financial stability assessment and to solvency of the insurance (reinsurance)
Design the methodology for insurance rates
Research and systematization of the insurance risks
Evaluation the insurance specific conditions for insurance (reinsurance) company in its insurance policies
Identification the loans size granted to policyholders under accumulation insurance
Actuarial research

AERC provides Strategic consulting services including:

- Development the laws draft for all sectors of economy
- Development the strategic documents at national level, industry, region
- Development the strategic documents for businesses
- Analytical researches on topical issues
- Assessment the public sector and various bodies
- Design the economic platforms of political parties

Analytical reviews, articles and publications

  • Macroeconomics
    Articles and publications of AERC for macroeconomics, industries, social policy, public administration
  • Forecast
    AERC presents three scenarios for short-term forecasting of macroeconomic indicators at different levels of world oil prices and Russia and China economies.
  • Investment tools
    AERC analyses a profitability of investment instruments – bank deposits, currency, real estate, precious metals, stocks, bonds, derivatives and and other securities.
  • Simulation forecast of economic growth
    The simulation model is represented for a wide range of visitors who can “play” with numbers and get forecasts for economic growth of Kazakhstan
  • Books
    Books of experts of Applied Economics Research Centre
  • Video


  • All for one, one for all. How just are the principles of social medical insurance? /
    Реформу здравоохранения с внедрением обязательного социального медицинского страхования (ОСМС), несмотря на то, что все точки над i уже вроде бы расставлены, а «бабки подбиты»,  решено отложить до 2020 года. Однако  и перенос сроков не дает никаких гарантий того, что вторая попытка районировать западные семена в нашем огороде окажется более успешной.  Они, конечно, будут высажены и даже взойдут. Но вот вопрос:  не принесут ли они урожай только «ядовитых ягодок»?Источник: camonitor.kz
  • How can the state get off the oil train and learn to live within its means? /
    Крупных производств в обрабатывающей сфере Казахстану уже не создать. Вся надежда на сельское хозяйство и транспорт. Источник: 365info.kz
  • Uzbeks will soon achieve exactly what we have being striving for 26 years /
    Узбеки скоро добьются того, к чему мы стремимся 26 лет — экономист. Источник: 365info.kz
  • How the prolongation of EU sanctions against Russia will affect Kazakhstan /
    По мнению ведущих экономистов РК, санкции в отношении РФ не могут не сказаться на экономике нашей республики. Источник: zakon.kz

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